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Be What You Should Be - The Customer Centric Podcast

David Reid

Be What You Should Be - The Customer Centric Podcast
29 min2019 JUL 12
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On today's episode we are joined by Steven McGuigan, Senior Director of Monster.com's European Customer Services.   Monster.com is a global provider of recruitment solutions.  Steven is a long standing member of the Monster.com team and helped build, lead and evolve the centre of excellence they have today in Brno, Czech Republic. 

Today Steven will take us through the journey which Monster Brno have encountered during the last 10+ years helping them to become an employer of choice in the local market in Brno, as they transformed into a centre of excellence providing support to local teams across Europe.   Steven is a trusted and loved leader by his peers who truly puts his employees first, in turn providing a better service to Monster's customers.  Steven is being what he should be! 

Topics covered today include:

  • Why Monster decided to focus on Customer Experience and how it helped them evolve into a true centre of excellence
  • What approaches are not utilised in terms of the approach CX in the workplace
  • The importance of putting employees first
  • Top 3 tips for customer experience greatness.

You can find out more about Monster via:   https://www.monster.com/  

Here you can also find out about Monster in the Steven's local market of Czech Republic:   https://www.monster.cz/ 

If you are interested to know about Monster Brno or perhaps browse open vacancies:   https://www.monsterbrnocareers.com/ 

Steven can be contacted via via LinkedIn -   https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-mcguigan-33aa713/