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Be What You Should Be - The Customer Centric Podcast

David Reid

Be What You Should Be - The Customer Centric Podcast
27 min2019 SEP 2
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On this episode we are joined by Jan Hummel who is the CEO & Founder of Fruitisimo and the Fruitisimo Group. 

Fruitisimo is the fruitiest bar near you! Despite its Italian-sounding name – through which the company demonstrates its passion for fruit – Fruitisimo is of Czech origin. The Fruitisimo brand is best expressed by its slogan LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE; which for them means health, active lifestyles, fun, smiles and passion. This is Fruitisimo’s key strength, or “secret recipe”.  They are not about the fastest mixers or most powerful juicers, they are about people who love what they do and they want their customers to experience it on every visit.  Fruitisimo was established 15 years ago and since the beginning has displayed consistently increasing growth in terms of both sales and store count.  Over the past few years, Fruitisimo has gone from a small local company to a rapidly expanding mid-sized company which now operates in over 80 stores across Central and Eastern Europe, and are entering more European markets in the upcoming months.

Topics during the show include:

  • An introduction to Jan and how the story of how Fruitisimo has evolved 
  • Fruitisimo's mantra, live what you love and why the customer experience is so important for them
  • The customer experience strategy and impact to growth 
  • Linking experience and emotion to the impact on revenue 
  • Employee experience, onboarding and their service with a smile guarantee
  • Customer loyalty, including the customers into the future development of their brand
  • Jan's top 3 must do tips for customer experience greatness

You can find out more about Fruitisimo, their brand and stores via http://fruitisimogroup.com/

Should you wish to connect with with Christian, you can do so via LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-hummel-fruitisimo/ or drop him a mail to jan.hummel@fruitismogroup.com