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Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.
43 MIN2019 MAY 16
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We can't believe just how much has happened in the search for Jamie's father and we are excited to share the most recent excitement! Long story short �Jamie thinks she has found him! [03:21] - We did it!!! We made it to 25K followers on Instagram! Check out our giveaway on Instagram! The contest ends on Sunday! [04:18] - Jamie says that she has been really patient and guarded about sharing her news about her search for her father but there have been some exciting updates she is ready to share! [05:35] - Jamie tells listeners that she has had 4 paternity tests and has been looking to find her father ever since she was a little girl. [06:50] - Jamie talks about her mom taking her to a man's trailer who she thinks might be her dad when she was very young, and Jamie talks about envisioning him being her dad. [10:47] - Jamie talks about the sadness she felt when her sister Amylynn found out who her father is and how odd it was that his last name is Otis! Her mom had him tested for Johanna and Jamie as well, but only Amy-Lynn came back a match for him. [11:44] Jamie shares that her father is a missing piece of her heart. [12:45] - Jamie says that she has braced herself for finding out who her father is. She has always hoped maybe he was a scholar since they lived near Cornell. Jamie's mother was 21 when she had Jamie. [13:52] - Jamie's passion to find her father grew once they had Henley Grace. She bought DNA kits right after Gracie was born. [14:31] - Jamie shares what came back on both Ancestry DNA and 23&me. [16:18] - Jamie shares some shocking news about a relative she matched with! [17:52] - Doug talks about how brave Jamie has been for being let down. [18:21] - Jamie talks about how as a nurse, she really wants to find out her family health history on her dad's side. [22:23] - Jamie's new relative she has connected with thinks she might know who her father is! [29:43] - Jamie asks her mother if she recognizes his picture from Facebook. [31:18] - Jamie shares that her mother went through a life of being sexually abused by Jamie's step-grandfather. [40:37] - Next week on the podcast...we bring on Jamie's friend who will chat with us about anxiety and mental health, as well as being on Amazing Race and Big Brother! Don't miss it! Grove Collaborative (this episode’s amazing sponsor!) Go to grove.co/hmcp to get a 3-piece cleaning set from Mrs. Meyer’s spring scents, a free 60-day VIP membership, and a surprise bonus gift just for you when you sign up and place an order of $20 or more! Married at First Sight Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. on YouTube Jamie Otis Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis hotmarriagecoolparents on Instagram Jamie Otis on Instagram Doug Hehner on Instagram 
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