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Space of Grace Podcast

Brya and Ashellee

Space of Grace Podcast
50 minJUL 20
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In this episode we discuss "Our Temple", with special guest Sharay Thomas! Sharay is a motivator, as a certified personal trainer, she hold clients accountable for the implied and explicit goals. Her fitness foundation was built through boxing as a young adult and only developed through her military experience. She naturally became accustomed to group fitness and specialized in boot camp style exercise that build physical and mental strength. She is certified in teaching aqua aerobics, pilates, and power yoga. She is completely committed to seeing people not only healthy but whole. In this episode we dive deep into discussing the importance of spiritual, physical, and mental health within the Christian community. We discuss tips on how to take care of "Our Temple" well in order to be all that we have been called to be! Connect with Sharay here: https://www.instagram.com/slay_with_shay_/


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